Providing Tried & Tested Pantomime Scripts

National theatres, Regional theatres, Amateur dramatic societies and schools. Richard Gauntlett’s pantomime scripts have proven to be popular, funny and dynamic. They offer the timeless traditional pantomime plots that entertain & involve an audience of all ages.

Pantomime Scripts Off The Peg

Richard Gauntlett currently offers over 20 “off the peg” pantomime scripts - please click here to view the up to date list of tried and tested Pantomime Scripts

Bespoke Pantomime Scripts

A Pantomime script to suit your exact needs. Adaptation of an existing Pantomime script or a "from scratch" , allowing you full control of the end result. Please click here to contact me and discuss you Pantomime requirements.

Pantomime Script Pricing

Pricing for Pantomime script’s is dynamic and can vary - Price’s start from £35 per performance. To discuss your specific requirements please contact us and we will provide you with a quote.

Richard Gauntlett’s pantomime scripts are modern, whilst retaining a traditional feel. Scripts contain the Pantomime, including comedy routines / scenes and song suggestions.

Please contact Richard Gauntlett with enquiries

‘If it’s not funny or doesn’t help with the plot - Cut it!’ Scripts with no fat!

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