Richard Gauntlett

Aladdin Script A

Large Scale Aladdin

Aladdin, a poor son of Widow Twankey the local Laundry owner, masquerades as the Pekin’s very own vigilante The Masked Avenger!  He falls in love with Princess Baldroubadour, but his secret is discovered by an evil sorcerer Abanazaar who blackmails him to enter a secret cave to steal a magic lamp!


Abanazar     - Baddie
Aladdin     - Hero
Sergeant Ping )
Pong   )       Chinese Police Force (knockabout/acrobats)
Pish   )
Tush   )
Widow Twankey    - Dame
Wishee Washee    - Comic
Princess Baldroubadour   - Heroine
Emperor of China    - Older Comic
Ensemble - Villagers, Handmaidens, Courtiers, Guards and Dancing Girls.


Act One


Scene 1   The Streets of Old Pekin

Scene 2   The Palace

Scene 3   The Palace Gardens

Scene 4   The Old Laundry

Scene 5   The Picture Gallery

Scene 6   Outside the Cave

Scene 7   Inside the Cave

Act Two

Scene 1   The Throne Room

Scene 2   The Palace Gardens

Scene 3   The New Laundry

Scene 4   The Streets of Old Pekin

Scene 5   An Oasis in the Dessert

Scene 6   Songsheet

Scene 7   Finale


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