Richard Gauntlett

Cinderella Script A

Script A - Large Scale - Poor Cinders lives with her bankrupt father, Baron Hardup and her two ugly stepsisters dreaming of ‘Happily Ever After’.  Prince Charming, disguised as Dandini his valet, meets Cinders and falls in love with Cinders.  With the help of a Fairy Godmother and a lovable servant, Buttons, she attends the Royal Ball but flees at Midnight leaving a single glass slipper.


Fairy Godmother  - Storybook Fairy 
Cinderella  - Heroine
Baron Hardup  - Old (er) Comic
Buttons  - Comic
Sonatagina - Ugly Sister, Dame
Germaline  - Ugly Sister, Dame
Prince  - Hero
Dandini  - The Prince’s Valet  
Ensemble   - Children, Villagers, Morris men, Courtiers, Statue, Servants etc….


Act One

Scene 1    Outside Hardup Hall

Scene 2    The Palace

Scene 3    The Prince’s Fair

Scene 4    The Palace

Scene 5    The Kitchen, Hardup Hall

Act Two

Scene 1    The Royal Ballroom

Scene 2    The Way Home

Scene 3    Stars

Scene 4    The Sisters Boudoir

Scene 5    The Kitchen, Hardup Hall

Scene 6    Songsheet

Scene 7    Finale


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