Richard Gauntlett

Cinderella Script B

Script B - Mid Scale – Poor Cinders lives with her bankrupt father, Baron Hardup, her domineering Stepmother and two ugly stepsisters dreaming of ‘Happily Ever After’.  Prince Charming, disguised as Dandini his valet, meets Cinders and falls in love with Cinders.  With the help of a Fairy Godmother and a lovable servant, Buttons, she attends the Royal Ball but flees at Midnight leaving a single glass slipper.


Fairy Godmother  - Storybook straight fairy. 
Cinderella   - Sweet, early 20’s, innocent.
Baron Hardup   - Mr Pastry – Put upon comic OAP
Baroness Hardup    - Domineering Stepmother.
Romeona  - Ugly Sister, Dame
Brookleena  - Ugly Sister, Dame
Buttons  - Comic
Prince  - Handsome and loving.
Dandini  - Bumbling Manservant.
Ensemble  - Children, courtiers, villagers etc….


Act One

Prologue  Showcloth / Gauze

Scene 1   The Village Square – (Full Stage)

Scene 2   The Village Street near Hard-Up Hall (Frontcloth)

Scene 3  The Royal Estate (half Stage – Winter Woodland)

Scene 4   The Prince’s Palace – (Frontcloth)

Scene 5  The Kitchen at Hard-up Hall (Half stage leading into full-stage  Transformation)

Act Two

Scene 1  Entr’act  Showcloth / Gauze

Scene 2  The Royal Ballroom

Scene 3   The Spooky Wild Woods – (Frontcloth)

Scene 4  The Kitchen    (Half-stage)

Scene 5   The Sisters’ Boudoir     (Cut Cloth / French Flat)

Scene 6  The Kitchen (Half Stage)

Scene 7  Village Street (Front Cloth)

Scene 8  The Royal Ballroom (Full Stage)


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