Richard Gauntlett

Dick Whittington

Richard Whittington,  an honest dreamer, travels to London where ‘the streetsare paved with gold’   Fairy Bow Bells realises his destiny and supplying him with a feline companion helps him fight the evil King Rat  and his army of Rats who are determined to rule the world.

Emporium owner Alderman Fitzewarren, his beautiful daughter Alice along with Sarah the Cook and her son Idle Jack help Dick to become Lord Mayor of London in an exciting journey across the seas.


Fairy Bow Bells     - Fairy  
King Rat     - Baddie
Alice Fitzwarren     - Heroine
Alderman Fitzwarren    - Old Comic
Idle Jack     - Young Comic
Sarah The Cook     - Dame
Dick Whittington     - Hero
Tommy      - A Cool Cat
Sultan of Morocco    - Ruler of Morocco
Chief Guard
Ensemble     -  Villagers, Fishermen , Sailors, Moroccans, Guards, Rats


Act One

Prologue   Showcloth    

Scene 1   London Town   

Scene 2   Belfry of St Pauls   

Scene 3   Fitzwarren’s Emporium   

Scene 4   Highgate Hill  -  Gauze – (Bleed through to Scene 5)

Scene 5   Guildhall

Act Two

Prologue   Welcome Back!

Scene 1   Cheapside Quay

Scene 2   Below Decks

Scene 3   On Deck of the HMS Peculiar

Scene 4   Below Decks

Scene 5   The Galley (Rocking Room)

Scene 6   Under the Sea (Neptune cloth)

Scene 7   The Shores of Morocco

Scene 8   The Sultan’s Palace

Scene 9   Songsheet

Scene 10   Finale - The Guildhall


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