Richard Gauntlett

Jack & The Beanstalk B

Circus Jack!  The Trott Family Circus comes to town! Jill is in love with the Animal Trainer – Jack with his amazing performing elephant Nellie. Despard Murgatroyd, the local landowner, makes a deal with the Giant to avenge the Mayor, kidnaps Jill and swaps Nellie for a bag of beans.

Jack, Dame Petula and Billy mount a rescue mission with the help from a Fairy and a team of giant mice.


Fairy Vegetable - The Fairy

Jill - Mayor’s Daughter

Billy Trott - Clown

Dame Petula Trott - Circus Owner

Jack Trott - Animal Trainer

Despard Murgatroyd - Lord of the Manor

The Mayor Of Norwichvale - A Mayor

Blunderbore (voice) - The Giant

Nellie The Elephant – two strong boys!

Ensemble - Townsfolk, Circus folk, Giant slaves, Mice, Animals etc....


Act One


Scene One - Town Square

Scene Two - Edge of Forest

Scene Three - Woodland Clearing

Scene Four - Edge of Forest

Scene Five - Mayor’s House

Scene Six - A Road out of Towm

Scene Seven - Circus Ring

Act Two

Scene One - Top of Beanstalk

Scene Two - Castle Gates

Scene Three - Castle Kitchens

Scene Four - Mousehole

Scene Five - Dungeons

Scene Six - Castle Gates

Scene Seven - Wastelands

Scene Eight - Bottom of Beanstalk

Scene Nine - Songsheet

Scene Ten - Finale


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