Richard Gauntlett

Jack & The Beanstalk

Giant Blunderbore is causing havoc!  He’s eating all the livestock and demanding extortionate rent via his henchman the horrible Chalice from the Palace.  Bankrupt Old King Cole has decided to marry off his daughter to a rich prince from a land far away.  Jack Trott, son of Dame Trott the local dairy farmer,  tells all he will kill the Giant if only he can reach his castle!

Prince Caspian arrives and disguises himself as a travelling Troubadour to meet his true love and meets the Princess unaware of her true identity – they are kidnapped by the giant.  Jack issent off to sell Daisy, the Dairy’s cow, and is hoodwinked to swapping her for a bag of magic beans.  Dame Trott is furious and throws the beans out of the window – They grow to form a Magic Beanstalk leading to the Giant’s castle!  Jack reluctantly climbs to save the day.


Giant Blunderbore  - Large Baddie
Fairy Snowdrop  -  Fairy
Chalice from the Palace  - Giant’s Henchman
Princess    - Heroine
Old King Cole   - Comic
Percival    -  King’s Valet
Dame Trott   - Dame (Jack’s mum)
Jack    - Comic
Prince Caspian   -  Hero
Major - Prince’s Valet
Daisy The Cow
Harp   -  Singer


Act One


Scene 1 The Town Square

Scene 2 The Edge of the Forest

Scene 3 Trotts Dairy Cottage

Scene 4 A Country Lane

Scene 5 The Palace

Scene 6 A Country Lane

Scene 7 Trots Dairy Cottage

Act Two

Scene 1 The Top of the Beanstalk

Scene 2 Outside the Castle

Scene 3 The Giant’s Kitchen

Scene 4 The Castle’s Corridor

Scene 5  The Dungeons

Scene 6 The Money Chamber

Scene 7 Outside the Castle

Scene 8 Bottom of the Beanstalk

Scene 9 Song sheet

Scene 10 Finale


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