Richard Gauntlett

Sleeping Beauty

Large Scale

Set in Camelot, Arthur and Guinevere have a daughter.  At the Blessing of Princess Aurora Morgan Le Fay arrives and sets an evil curse on the child forcing the child into hiding until her eighteenth birthday.  Princess Aurora, unaware of her true identity, is raised by Nanny Nicehand’s alongside her son Muddles.


Merlin    - Magician to King Arthur,   Kindly old man. Storybook wizard.
Morgan Le Fay  - Baddie Queen
King Arthur   - Powerful King  
Queen Guinevere - Arthur’s Queen   
Aurora   - Heroine   
Muddles   - Comic 
Nanny Nicehands  - Dame
Prince Percival - Hero.   
Ensemble     - Townsfolk, Market Sellers, Knights, Dancing Girls, Courtiers, Skeletons, Crows etc…     
Children   - Cathedral Choir, Townsfolk , Morgan’s ‘Ravens’, Skeletons, Animals in wood, Page boys


Act One

Prologue   Show Cloth

Cathedral (The Blessing) 

Show Cloth

Scene 1   Camelot Market place

Scene 2   Morgan’s Lair - beneath the Castle

Scene 3   Inside Rose Cottage

Scene 4    The Wild Woods

Scene 5   The Castle Throne Room

Act Two

Scene 1   Camelot Market Place

Scene 2   The Wild Woods

Scene 3    Outside Rose Cottage

Scene 4   Morgan’s Lair

Scene 5   Outside The Castle

Scene 6   Castle Throne Room

Scene 7   Songsheet

Scene 8   The Wedding Finale


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