Richard Gauntlett

Snow White & The Seven Dwarves

Snow White, an orphaned Princess, is treated as a servant by her wicked aunt Queen Elvira.  The vein Queen discovers from her magic mirror that she is not the ‘Fairest in the Land’ and plots to get rid of the beautiful Snow White by ordering her idiot Manservant, Igor, to take her into the woods and kill her. Igor cannot do this and lets her free where she meets The Seven Dwarfs.

Prince Caspien arrives to see Princess Snow White and along with Nurse Nellie (the Palace nanny) and her son Muddles they battle to beat the Evil Queen and her wicked plans.


Fairy Snowdrop - Fairy
Snow White   - Heroine
Nurse Nellie   - Dame, The Royal Nanny
Muddles   - Comic, The Royal Jester
Queen Elvira  - Baddie,  Evil Witch
Igor    - Comic, Queen’s Henchman
Prince    - Hero, Childhood friend of Princess
The Lord Chancellor  - Straight

The Seven Dwarves

Oggy    - The Train Driver,  Boss
Hairy    - Hairy!   
Windy   -  Indigestion
Snooty   - Upper class
Zackly    - Know-it-all
Weepy   - Emotional
Tiny    - Cute        (Could be Children)

Plus Chorus of Villagers, Ghosts, Guards


Act One

Prologue   Showcloth    

Scene One   Village Square   

Scene Two   Queen’s Chambers   

Scene Three   Woodland Glade   

Scene Four   Woodland Frontcloth  

Scene Five   Queen’s Chambers (Tarp for slosh)

Scene Six   Woodland Frontcloth (with gate) 

Scene Seven   Dwarf’s Cottage (out and in) 

Act Two

Scene One   Queen’s Chambers   

Scene Two   Village Square (Carnival decorations)

Scene Three   Woodland Frontcloth  

Scene Four   Dwarf’s Cottage (in)  

Scene Five   Woodland Frontcloth  

Scene Six   Forest Glade    

Scene Seven   Songsheet    

Scene Eight   Finale


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